Saturday, October 27, 2007

Olympia Washington Karaoke Politics


Don't go to Jake's for karaoke, unless you are extremely hot in a gay way, are totally rich, or are "in the loop."

Cause it's lame.

The past three times that I have gone to Jake's and put in my request for karaoke, they have NEVER FUCKING PLAYED MY SONG. Do you know how frustrating it is to get all stoked up, get ready to sing my special song, and wait all night for nothing?! Yes, it is frustrating.

Now, it may not be SO frustrating, but it is because the same people will go two or three times before they will even CONSIDER playing my song.

There are a few speculations that have been made.

1. Tipping. The karaoke DJ wants you to tip, and she wants you to tip well. People slip her twenty dollar bills, blah blah blah. I have never, ever gone to a karaoke bar where this was standard practice. I think it sucks. Sure, bump their song up for a good tip, but letting the same person go several times? No. Not fair.

2. Am I not gay enough for Jake's?

3. Do I just have to make friends with the DJ? Cause honestly, she doesn't seem too friendly.

Anyway, it's pretty balls, and I keep telling myself that I am going to boycott Jake's karaoke and go somewhere else. Which, I do, sometimes. But, I always end up going back to Jake's to see if maybe, just maybe, they'll play my song in a timely matter, for once. And guess what? THEY NEVER DO!

Fuck that.

OLYMPIA WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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misses kisses said...

yeah wtf wtf who the FUCK has $20 to spend on a night out at kareoke? ohhh... i know who... the guy in the polo shirt who thinks he's hot shit singing his fifth creed song in a row. i felt guilty for spending too much on my 3 (shitty) beers that night. i don't think he was worried about all the money he was spending on booze on top of what he put in the tip jar. seriously who invited the frat party to jakes?

and what's with the guy who sang 2 songs in a row BEFORE your song came on? yeah yeah i know, everyone said the first one wasn't the right song... but why did he sing it then when other people had been waiting for a long time? it's not fair.

like you said i totally agree. it's okay to bump one or two people up, but when people feel excluded it's lame.

and you're not the only one i've heard bring this up, i've heard a couple people say they feel like it's a cool kids club and that they somehow fall short.

what's worse is that most of the people i've heard complain about it do so in hushed whispers because they're afraid if word got out they complained they would get banished from ever having a chance of getting into the kareoke rotation. but it's always the same question; "am i not rich enough or do they not like me because i'm not in thier clique?"


thank you for having the <3balls<3 to post this.