Saturday, October 13, 2007

10-12-07 Mission

So after last night's trip to QB this Friday night had a definate mission: FIND TECATE AT AN OLY BAR. This actually proved to be a bit harder than it might seem...

We started at The Voyeur.. no tecate
We moved on to King Solomon's Reef, where I was positive I'd had tecate before... but there was no tecate.

We thought about going into the 4th ave....
... but then decided that the fourth ave was lame

we moved on to the brotherhood, or broho, or as jackie oh calls it the "brother ho" where I was super positive I'd had tecate before...


finally we ended up at the royale...



...and let me tell you something amazing about the royale...

for $2

they pour your tecate into a pint glass with a salted rim and lime juice and ice to make the amazing "punk rock margarita" (as my lovely friend leah called it) that is tecate served at the royale.



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JackieOhNassis said...


I got a small little Tecate Buzz going.