Thursday, January 10, 2008

Down. Town.

Hello faithful readers,
I just moved to Downtown Olympia! Yay! Right? Right. Downtown. Ahhhh. The noise. The lights. The excitement.

All those things are great. Except for they keep me up ALL night.

I've lived downtown before, in Seattle. It was all right. Sometimes the ambulances would blare by, sounding off their sirens. It sucked, but it was okay. I was living in Seattle.

Now, the noise keeps me awake a lot of nights. But what kind of noise is it? The noise from the streets--big trucks, rain dripping madly off the roof.

And I just CANNOT sleep in. Why? Because every morning at approximately 10am the state workers MUST have their Subway Breakfast sandwich. This includes loudly entering and exiting the Subway Parking lot, which is right outside my window.

I do like living downtown. Don't get me wrong. It's just too bad that I am making all these sacrifices living in THIS downtown. For what? To live in Downtown Olympia. At least in Seattle I could walk a couple of blocks and find a decent Tecate and a job that paid over $10 an hour.

I guess the moral of the story is: when in Olympia, it is better to live in noisy and kind of lame downtown than it is to live with a manipulative hippie roommate.


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